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I upped my dosage of Cipralex from 10mg to 20mg. I haven't consulted a doctor about this, but I don't care. I'll maybe go down to 15mg until I can talk to a doctor, but I know that 20mg is the maximum recommended dose. I'm also on 150mg of Wellbutrin. One pdoc told me that, in his opinion, Wellbutrin was a useless drug and if I wanted it to work at all I'd have to go up to 300mg. But...I had what may have been a seizure a couple of weeks ago, so I don't want to up my Wellbutrin just yet.

Sad as it is to say this, one of the big reasons I want to up my dosage is because it kills my appetite. I lost almost 10lbs in two weeks when I began taking it, and have since gained a few back (I'm also on my period and drinking more than I should). 

But really, the turning point was last night. Out of the blue I just got so depressed and took a knife to my leg. What a stupid fucking thing to do. I tried to take apart a razor but I was drunk and fumbling. Now my left leg has dozens of little cuts. They're very little, and pretty shallow, so I really really hope they heal quickly. It's getting hot out and I want to be able to wear shorts (but I obviously won't until they heal). And, this weekend I have stupid NLS (lifeguard) re-certification. Which means bathing suits. And close physical contact. Fuck. 

How long does it usually take for little cuts to heal? Will poly/neosporin help speed up the process?  

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Today went like this
The whole time i felt like i was someone else, watching someone else make mistakes. i wasnt me.

Not a very good day, welcome home bulimic tendencies >.<

And i have to spend all day at the clinic again tomorrow .... aka 3 meals and 3 snacks .... URGH. And lots of stuff about how i feel for hours on end
Sorry to be so boring

Aphrodite x

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Thought id post whore it up ;]
I dont really have anything to say, just wanted you all to know im thinking of you.
Oh yeah, and my prozac doseage got doubled today. and i had a bulimia relapse.
Yay life?

How are you all?

Aphrodite x

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so me being a post whore (^_^) needs to ask y'all this...

How did your doctor come to the diagnosis of bipolar disorder?

Describe your bipolar-ness to me..

crazy people dont think they are crazy right? i sometimes dont think im bipolar?
although those people i let close to me tell me i am seriouly schitzo and a bipolar.

and my psychiatrist thinks so as well...
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Wow, where did these members come from?! lol I'd kind of given up on this community - though I admit I did a rather shit job at promoting it. Feel free to promote it in any communities you're a part of, if that's allowed. :)

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Name: christine
Age 20

other mental illnesses: bulimia,anxiety

i am just me. A crazy, funny girl who acts like she has no problems in the world. People use me as a shoulder to cry on because i appear to be so stable and functional and calm. when i am the exact opposite in real life.



my name is kayia but it will soon i will be legally known as piper
im 18
bipolar type II
bulimic but i often have times where i just restrict, OCD,insomniac [before trazodone]

-- whats to know about little old me. i am soon to be a sophomore in college. my university is too expensive if you do not have scholarships. i am a cross country runner. always paranoid. i was diagnosed with bipolar II when i was sixteen. i honestly couldnt tell you what i was on then, my grandmother just handed me a pill every morning. ive had an eating disorder since i was in the 7th grade. [great way to waste my life yes i know] currently i have no relationship with ANY of my family at all. they all think im insane and treated me like crap, allowed me to be abused yatta yatta [no need to get into all of that]  i was kicked out of my house my senior year in high school and have been living perfectly well since then. im changing my name to piper so i will have no connection with then at all. [im getting my full name changed] and im currently on prozac and trazodone --
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Might as Well get the Ball Rolling!!!

Name: Meredith
Age: 21
Location: Canada
Disorders: Bipolar II (probably ultra-rapid cycling), ed-nos


I created this community, so I may as well kick off the introductions!!! I was *officially* diagnosed with bipolar II last december or so, but my doc has been suggesting mood stabilizers ever since I started seeing him (about a year ago). I'm currently on Tegretol 200mg 2x/daily, and Wellbutrin 150mg once a day. I've been having a rather tough time lately (currently, because of the alcohol, I'm *slightly* manic). And am hoping to find support here, as well as support others as much as I can.

Can't wait to (hopefully!) watch this community thrive!!!

Mere xoxox